If you are looking to add style and comfort to your home check out some of the most amazing Dream Weaver carpets. Dream Weaver as one of the well-respected brands which have used innovative technology to create durable carpeting that can easily withstand daily traffic, as well as messes caused by children or pets. Dream Weaver PureColor solution-dyed fiber makes the carpets resistant to wear, won’t fade when exposed to sunlight, resists stains, and won’t bleach from spot cleaning. At KARMA we carry a large number of carpet styles in different collections such as Pure Color Polyester, Pure Color Soft Polyester, Pure Color Nylon, and Pure Color Soft Solution Nylon, available in a variety of colors from lighter shades like Eggshell, Dove, or porcelain, or darker shades like summer Bronze, Honey Beige, and Utopia.


SP38 Carpet Styles


SP440 Carpet Styles


SP460 Carpet Styles

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